Don't back down. Dig deep. Stay in school. Never stop believing. Don't quit. 

Is giving up for losers? Matt Manhire and I talk about how quitting University allowed him to finally pursue the work & life that had been calling him for years.

Matt's a fascinating guy, a person you want to keep in your world because his perspective makes ordinary things come alive. We're at the Academy most mornings working out and getting way too philosophical about it all. In between lifts & rounds we riff on books, politics, art and how we can hack our muscle-ups & handstands.

He's worn a lot of hats: sailor, climber, dinosaur wrangler, runner, traveller & photographer. But whatever the work, he throws himself into it with great effort, study & enthusiasm.

Most of our conversations should be podcasts, so I finally turn on the record button.  Hope you enjoy it.

Dhani Oks